Our breakfast is plentiful and varied with homemade cakes, bread, and jam, as well as local fruit - when possible straight from our garden.



In our comfortable massage room enjoy a Relaxing Massage by Daniela. The Relaxing Massage includes passive stretching, which loosens the muscles and helps to attain a deeper relaxation. Or you can try the Bamboo Massage which is, also, very relaxing. Further it helps to maintain the skin soft and is indicated to reduce cellulite.

Other Useful Information

We have a small library of books in different languages which you are welcome to borrow, or exchange, as well as a selection of games and fun challenges for all ages.

Free WiFi is available throughout the property.

You may use our kitchen for vegetarian meals on request.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be glad to help you to make your holidays perfect!

The Name Muiraquitã


We wanted our B&B to have a name that has to do with the origin of Giovani and something of the state of Pará in the north of Brazil. The Muiraquitã, in the Amazon region, is a very strong symbol and we always liked its meaning, so we thought it was just perfect for our B&B.

The legend of the Muiraquitã tells the story of the women of an indian tribe in the Amazon region who banished their husbands from the village. They wanted to live only among women. But once a year the men came to visit their wives, and it was a big event. Before the men were due to leave again, the women would dive to the bottom of the river and bring up an amulet of argil that looked like a frog. It was called Muiraquitã. They put it around the neck of their husbands so that it would protect them while they lived apart during the following year. So the Muiraquitã became a symbol of good luck. It is said that if you receive one it will bring you luck, happiness and health.

About us

Daniela e Giovani

We are a Swiss-Brazilian couple, Daniela and Giovani. We got to know each other in Belém, where we were leading a Swiss NGO for children for nine years.

As the years went by, the desire to have a business together came up and this has resulted in our B&B, Muiraquitã. We spent several holidays in Morro Branco before we settled down here. We checked the entire coast of the state of Ceará and came to the conclusion that Morro Branco is the most beautiful place.

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